Red Flag.

Fly the red flag sound the warning gun I bet you never met no one Like me proceed but I’d beware You’re gonna find some demons there You think you’re fine I’ll take you down with me From good to bad pretty damn easy Fly the red flag No promise I can’t make It’s not… Read More Red Flag.


It wasn’t until I was grown That I heard the truth about dreams A friend said “Not all your dreams will come true…” She’s beautiful. She’s a career woman. She’s smart. Two kids and a loving marriage It’s hard to imagine that she could be missing anything I want to tell here there is always… Read More Dreams.


He hears you Just be patient Even your tears are prayers When your words can’t leave your lips Silent wishes for perfection But you are beautiful Just as this This beautiful mess His love makes you worth it A slamming door is hard to take But there is no door that shuts Without purpose He… Read More Be.